6 Tips in Designing Your Garage Mezzanine

One of the benefits of having your own storage condo, also called a garage condo, is that you can customize your space–you can build additional storage, install any floor to your liking, or even add a garage mezzanine. 

Building a mezzanine floor is a great way to maximize the space of your storage condo. In addition, it is highly customizable depending on the layout, type of railings, and load rating. 

Aside from giving you additional space, garage mezzanines can make a high-ceiling space feel cozier with the right design. But because of their location, they usually have a lower-than-normal ceiling height. 

To help you design a mezzanine garage that is functional and inviting, read the guidelines below. 

  1. Plan well. 

The layout and dimensions of your mezzanine depend on the available space. For example, if your storage condo is spacious, you can have a wide mezzanine that can serve as an office, a library, or a working area. 

You must plan everything well to make sure that your mezzanine will not eat up a lot of space, making your garage condo look smaller or even claustrophobic. 

  1. Use the right stairs to make your mezzanine accessible. 

Choose a stair design that is compact, safe, and accessible. Meanwhile, some people choose a ladder staircase because it takes the least amount of space; however, its design makes it difficult or even dangerous to climb up and down the stairs. 

If you want to save space without compromising your comfort and safety, choose a spiral staircase, floating stairs with a handrail, or storage stairs.

  1. Choose the right lighting fixtures. 

A good rule of thumb is to choose light fixtures that you can turn on and off even when you are not in the mezzanine. You may also want to opt for LED lights, which use less than 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, although the latter emit light that is a close approximation of natural daylight. 

  1. Make sure it is functional. 

As a general rule, mezzanines should not be higher than 3 meters to make sure that they are sturdy and safe. 

Also, it is ideal that the space above and below them is enough for you to stand upright. But if the space below is too low, you could use it as a storage area. 

  1. Determine its function. 

Your garage mezzanine can serve as a library, a work area, a remote office, or perhaps a mini man-cave. But whatever function you decide on, make sure that the available space is suitable for it. 

  1. Use the right materials. 

Whether you use wood, steel roof deck, composite board, or concrete for your mezzanine garage, make sure it is sturdy and safe. Other factors you have to consider are the interior design you want to achieve, the furniture you’ll need to use, and the function of the space. 

If you want a light and airy space, you may use glass railings or metal mesh grids with a wooden handrail. 

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