Benefits of Ownership

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Aside from having the benefit of having your own custom-build man-cave and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your toys and collectibles are housed somewhere safe and secure, having a Hobby Condo does have a number of noteworthy benefits:

You’re Now a Property Owner

Congratulations! As the proud owner of a Hobby Condo, you now own a piece of commercial real estate. What this means is that your personal storage facility offers potential tax benefits each year and is a worthwhile investment opportunity for the future.

Your space builds equity and you have complete financial control.

You Can Pursue Your Passion

While each Hobby Condo has its own basic inclusions, you can personalize your ultimate man-cave according to your meticulous specifications. Pimp out your Hobby Condo however you like.

Whether you want a luxury garage, a showroom for all your memorabilia, or a creative lab for your next business venture, we can build whatever you need to make your space truly your own.

You Can Come and Go As You Please

You have 24/7 access to your Hobby Condo, which means there are no restrictions as far as your usage is concerned.  Our units are built with your needs specifically in mind– and that means as little maintenance and upkeep as possible, while allowing you to get work done or keep things as relaxed as you want things to be.

Additional Perks of Hobby Condo Ownership

  • No rental increases or renewal hassles.
  • No monthly rental payments.
  • Get returns on investment through appreciation.
  • Tax benefits such as depreciation and the ability to deduct mortgage interest (that’s what our tax guy said!)
  • Expenses for improvements can be recaptured at the time of the sale of your Hobby Condo.
  • Your Hobby Condo will be an asset on your personal financial statement.
  • Use your Hobby Condo as a private lounge and clubhouse.
  • Low-interest mortgage loans are available for storage units.
  • Flexible use – use your Hobby Condo as an office, a design lab, an auto workshop, a top-of-the-line showroom, or just as an awesome space to chill and hang out.
  • You have the option to sub-lease your Hobby Condo to others and create a passive income stream year after year.

Custom built hobby condos

Imagine having your own custom-built man-cave and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your toys and collectibles are housed somewhere safe and secure.

Get in touch with our team and let’s talk about putting together a Hobby Condo just for you.

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