Luxury Garage Condo Vs. Average Storage Unit

The model of condominium self-storage first emerged in the mid-2000s, as owners of classic cars and other “big toys” felt that the average storage units were not suitable for their expensive collections.

In a nutshell, a luxury condo garage takes the typical storage unit to the next level by adding amenities found in high-end condos like a clubhouse and wide drive aisles. Furthermore, property owners can customize their units based on their needs and personal taste. For instance, a vintage car collector can put lifts and ramps and customize the flooring, while a socialite can turn his unit into a man-cave with a pool table, bar and fridge, and sports memorabilia.

Reasons Why a Garage Condo Is a Better Fit for You 

Luxury garage condos offer many benefits not found in your typical storage unit, including the fact that you can own the space rather than just rent. This is why they have a particular appeal to small-business owners who need a vehicle-storage unit that can also serve as their “home office.”

The list below explains the other reasons why a garage condo is a better storage solution than your “typical” storage unit. 

24/7 Access 

Garage condos are your best bet if you want 24/7 access to your space. In contrast, this is not an industry practice in your typical storage units in which you have to keep in mind the “office hours” and “gate hours.”

Gate hours are the hours in which you can access your unit, whereas office hours are the hours in which you can speak to the management if you have a problem or issue. (Note: Office hours are almost always shorter.)

Some storage units have shorter gate hours on weekends and holidays, which is probably not convenient for many people. 

Great Investment 

Because you own a real estate property, you get to enjoy value appreciation over time. In fact, it outperforms most investments and does not expose you to short-term fluctuations that are common in the stock market. 

And aside from having a tangible asset, having your own garage condo gives you more financial control because you can resell or rent out your unit. 

Multi-Purpose Use 

Because you own the property, you can customize it based on your needs and personal tastes. Some luxury garage condo developers like Hobby Condo even assist property owners who want to turn their unit into a man-cave, an art studio, a garage workshop, a showroom for vintage cars and other big toys, to name a few. 

(Note: Some of their property owners in Rocklin, CA and Reno, NV have fitted their units with custom cabinets, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, car lifts and ramps, and special lighting fixtures.)

Climate Control 

Garage condos are plumbed for HVAC systems to protect belongings from mold, mildew, and damage from extreme temperatures. Conversely, not every storage facility offers climate control, which may cause molds to grow on paper products and fabrics. 

Comfortable Space for Property Owners

Your typical storage unit is only for your belongings, but not for you per se since you can’t stay in your unit. But this is not the case with garage condos that allow property owners to customize their “garage space.”

Some luxury garage condos like Hobby Condo even take their customer-focused service to the next level by offering free electrical connections, wide drive aisles, and water and sewer systems so the property owners can easily fit a new bathroom or a kitchen. 

If you want to learn more about this great property investment, contact Hobby Condo which has four locations in California, including Lincoln, Truckee, Dos Rios, and Lake of the Pines, and one in Reno, Nevada.

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