Storage Unit Hacks to Organize Your Things

Whether you rent a storage unit, use your garage for storage, or own a storage condo, you must keep your things well organized and clutter-free to take advantage of every inch of the space and find an object easily without having to rummage through your entire belongings. 

Below is the list of storage unit hacks to keep your things organized and neat. 

  1. Create an inventory list. 

When storing multiple items, especially if most of them are trinkets and other small knick-knacks, it is difficult, if not impossible, to remember them all. To keep everything organized, it is a sacrosanct rule to create a list of all the inventory or even take photos so you can track them easily.

 Aside from creating a list and taking photos, it also makes sense to label the boxes so you will know which one to unpack in case you need to get an item in the future. 

  1. Install shelving. 

Shelves will not only give you extra space but will also help you organize your stuff so you can find them easier. If your storage unit offers ample vertical space, take advantage of it by using tall shelves and keeping a step tool.

  1. Go vertical. 

One of the most basic storage unit solutions is to go vertical; this means that furniture should be stored upright, while boxes must be stacked high. 

  1. Identify the most frequently used items. 

The general rule of thumb is to place items that you need more frequently in the easy-to-reach spot. For instance, if you’re an “outdoor lover,” you may want to put your camping gear near the door so that when the summer arrives, you don’t have to rummage through your belongings.

  1. Place the heavier, bigger stuff at the back. 

When storing your packed items, start with the heaviest and biggest belongings, such as appliances and furniture, by putting them at the back of your unit. And when stacking them, make sure that you start with the largest boxes so you can have a stable base for your lighter, smaller items. 

  1. Disassemble and “fold” whenever possible. 

To create a more organized storage unit and maximize its space, it makes sense to disassemble large furniture before you store them. This means removing the table legs, headboards, mattresses, etc., and “folding” collapsible and portable chairs, benches, and tables. 

  1. Use clear bins. 

For the sake of easy organization, clear bins are better than cardboard boxes because you can see what’s inside them. Also, they are mold and mildew resistant, unlike boxes, papers, and fabric. (This is the reason why you should only rent a climate-controlled storage unit to prevent damage caused by excess humidity and extreme temperature.)

Other Things You Have to Keep in Mind: 

  • Thoroughly clean each packed item.
  • Make sure that the unit is thoroughly cleaned before you store your belongings. 
  • Check your unit storage for any leaks and cracks. 
  • Label each box. 
  • Place gadgets, cords, and other electronics inside a waterproof plastic or container.

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