What Makes Hobby Condos Great for RV Storage?

Hobby Condo is a luxury garage condo that is completely customizable. You can install car lifts and turntables, built-in cabinets, a mezzanine, or any structural element that you need. 

Unlike your average RV storage unit, this luxury garage provides benefits that are explained below: 

  1. It is a real estate investment. 

Renting an RV storage unit is like pouring money down the drain because you’re spending money on a property that is not yours. On average, for-rent storage units cost $2,000 per year or up to $3,500 in large cities like Los Angeles.

In contrast, being a Hobby Condo owner means you own a piece of commercial real estate that has value appreciation almost every year. 

Surveys on national trends show that, on average, real estate appreciation value increases between 3.5% and 3.8% every year. 

If you sell your Hobby Condo, all the improvements you’ve made will be reflected by its selling price. 

  1. It comes with tax benefits. 

Owning a luxury garage unit comes with tax benefits that include depreciation and mortgage interest deduction. 

  1. There is no hidden cost. 

Aside from basic monthly fees, for-rent storage units also have hidden costs related to services, setup, and insurance. In contrast, Hobby Condos eliminate rental payments and renewal hassles, making this a sound and profitable investment in the long run. 

  1. You can access your garage condo 24/7. 

You can visit your luxury garage any time you want, an “arrangement” that most self-storage locations don’t offer (in general, they are only open for 12-14 hours daily and are even closed during holidays).

  1. You can enjoy 24/7 security. 

The luxury garage is a gated, secure facility that makes it a perfect place to store your RVs (or any type of vehicle). You also have the option to install an alarm and motion sensor. 

The facility has a digital video monitoring system, keypad entry and exit, and an electronic gate. For additional security, each door unit comes with an alarm system integrated with the main security system.

In contrast, cheap self-storage units often lack the security that makes them prone to theft and damage. 

  1. Your luxury garage unit is properly insulated. 

Hobby Condos are adequately insulated to prevent mildew and mold growth, which is common in cheap self-storage locations that often lack a climate-control system. Another benefit is that each unit is ready for HVAC.

  1. You can turn your luxury garage into a source of passive income. 

Why not sublease your unit to others and create a passive source of income while you’re away having fun on an RV campground? 

  1. Hobby Condo is a multi-use space. 

As an owner of this piece of commercial real estate, you can use it any way you want–be it an RV storage garage, a showroom for your sports or vintage cars, an indoor basketball court, an office, a man-cave where you and your friends can hang-out, or anything that your heart desires. 

In contrast, your average RV storage unit is, obviously, just a vehicle storage unit. 

  1. Hobby Condo is fully customizable. 

Being a property owner, you can customize it any way you want. For example, you can install car lifts, built-in cabinets and shelves, lighting fixtures, a separate room, or even a mezzanine if you want to increase your space.

 To learn more about the benefits of being a Hobby Condo owner, you can contact them here. They have multiple locations, including Lake of the Pines (near Auburn, CA), Truckee, CA, Lincoln, CA, Dos Rios (Sacramento, CA), and Reno, NV.

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