What Should I Consider When Building a Sports-Themed Man Cave?

If you are a big-time sports fan, you probably have a sizable collection of different sports items and memorabilia. It’s always nice to have your collection up for display, and it’s even better to have a room dedicated to your hobbies and passion.

Building your own sports man-cave can be challenging, but it can also be fun and quite rewarding after you’re done. Having your own room to enjoy your collections and just embrace your love of sports can do wonders in helping you relax and destress, especially after a long day at work. If you’re planning to create your customized sports man-cave, here are a few pointers to consider:


Decide on a location

It’s easy to get lost in imagining how your man cave should look like, especially how you’ll be filling up the room with your collection of posters, figures, signed trading cards, and other memorabilia. However, before you start thinking about how much you’ll enjoy spending your free time chilling inside your man-cave, you need to make sure you have a set location to work on first. Currently, Hobby Condos is constructing 2 locations, Rocklin and Sacramento, with future Hobby Condos coming to the Reno area.

Finding the ideal space to build your man-cave is necessary if you want to maximize your relaxing experience and investment. It should be a place where you can rest easy and have privacy while still being easy to access and conveniently close to home.

The basement, garage, attic, or a spare room are all possible locations for a man-cave. But wouldn’t you like a larger, more private space within a community of like-minded enthusiasts?  You only need to make sure that the location of your choice is spacious enough to house your collections and decorations, and large enough to hold a crowd size of your choice if you want to bring some friends over for a game. You would also want a room that has sufficient access to utilities, especially electricity. Hobby Condos offers precisely that.


Plan out your decorations.

Before you go on a buying spree for glass cabinets, bars, and pool tables, make sure to measure the available space in the room first. A typical sportsman cave will not only have your sports collection on display, but also essential items like furniture (a couch or a comfy chair should do, depending on your plans for your man-cave), a television to watch the games with, perhaps a small refrigerator to store your drinks and snacks in, and in some cases, a gaming table for when you host friendly gatherings. Keeping in mind, these personal spaces are quite large and will house a large number of creature comforts and collectibles.


Cleaning the room and fixing it up should also be part of the planning process. After all, you don’t want your collections to get dirty or damaged due to leaky pipes or open holes that welcome dirt particles into the room. Ensure that your room is weather-proof from inside and out to protect your belongings.


Enjoy and customize your man cave.

Once you’ve mapped out the various spaces in the Hobby Condo complex, it’s time for the best part of building your sports man cave: putting up the decorations.

A sports man-cave reflects a person’s favorite team, player, and spot, so there’s no one way to decorate it because each person will have his (or her) own preference. However, if you’re running out of ideas, here are some suggestions to make your man cave look sportier:

  • Hang sports jerseys on the wall. You can get a jersey of your favorite team and have it modified to display your name, then have it framed and hanged next to your favorite players to create a nice teammate effect.
  • Put your sports memorabilia in display cases. You can get glass display cases customized to hold your signed basketball, baseball, football, and other memorabilia so that they’re extra protected while being put on display. You can also flaunt your own sports trophies to show your friends and families how capable and competitive you are when it comes to your favorite sports.
  • Get customized sports gear for your favorite team. Several hobby shops do custom work on various products. You can get mugs, floor carpets, and even curtains printed with your favorite team’s logo, or even copy a team poster into your wallpaper. Customized lighting fixtures, décor reflecting your favorite team’s colors are all great additions to your personal space.


A Final Word on Building a Man Cave for the Big Sports Fan

Building a man-cave can take a lot of time, effort, and resources, but it will surely be worth it once you’re sitting in your customized room and enjoying your collections. Since not everyone has the time to spare to build his man cave, you can always contact Hobby Condos for professional assistance. We’ll provide a long list of vendors and contractors to help move your project along.

Hobby Condos excels at building unique and customized facilities for customers who want to create their own space for their passions and hobbies. Whether it’s a personal sanctuary for relaxation or a personal gallery for your collection, Hobby Condos can help you with the best possible recommendations so that you can turn your dream space into a reality.

(Source: ManCaveKnowHow)

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