How to Customize Your Hobby Condos

Do you have a collection that you treasure and want to display in a safe and secure location? 

Are you into rare toys, action figures, band merchandise, sports memorabilia, or vintage movie posters that are just collecting dust in your home garage or warehouse? Or are you more into “bigger” collections such as vintage cars, boats, or trailers? 

For avid collectors, the standard storage facility and home garage may not be enough; this is particularly true for someone who wants a functional and secure showroom-cum-warehouse. 

To fill in the “gap,” Hobby Condos offers Luxury Storage Solutions, a multifunctional and customizable storage solution for people who need a “special” space for their collections.

The unit sizes range from 20×30 (600 square feet) to 40×80 (3200 square feet), while door height clearance is about 14 feet.

Aside from being a functional storage facility, Luxury Storage Solutions can be turned into a man-cave for socialites and “party animals,” an office space for an entrepreneur, a coworking area for side hustlers and employees, or a workshop for woodworkers and artists.  

Workshop for Artists and Craftsmen

You can turn your unit into a workshop fit for a creative king. 

If you’re into woodworking, Hobby Condos units are spacious enough to house multiple woodworking machines such as table saw, router, sander, drill press, and jointer. 

To further make your unit a “woodworker-friendly” space, you can modify it and install storage cabinets and shelves. You can also add a bathroom, a mezzanine loft, a cubicle, or even an epoxy floor if you’re expecting heavy impact and load.  

Office Space for Solo Entrepreneurs and Side Hustlers

Each Hobby Condos unit can also be customized into a functional, professional office space for solo entrepreneurs, consultants, side hustlers, and coworking employees. 

Meanwhile, we allow property owners to bring people and even their furry companions to their unit, although everyone is subject to property rules and standards stated in the association guidelines.

Also, we require visitors to remain in their unit for safety and security reasons. 

Car Lifts and Garage

If you are a vintage or sports car collector, you can turn your Luxury Storage units into a garage-cum-showroom. 

You can even add a car lift, a hydraulic-powered turntable, a light fixture, or anything that can turn a drab garage into a fancy car showroom. 

Some of the property owners in Hobby Condos have an extensive collection of cars, and thus, they fitted their space with multiple car lifts to take advantage of their unit’s high ceiling.

Custom Mezzanine

If you want to maximize your space, particularly the vertical space, you can add a mezzanine floor into your unit.

Some of our property owners have fitted their units with a mezzanine to house their growing collection, while others use this extra space as an office room, a lounge area, a kitchen, a shower room, or a workshop for their woodwork or art projects. 

Meanwhile, all units come with a plumbing system so you can install your own shower area, half bath, and kitchen.

Shelving and Storage

You can fit your unit with any organizers and storage solutions, ranging from bookcase, rack, cart, bins, open and close shelves to cabinets, industrial containers, boxes, and baskets. 

Our Amenities

Hobby Condos is not just an ordinary storage facility. While we do provide space for storage, we also make sure that our property owners have access to amenities only found in deluxe condos. 

  • Club house
  • 24/7 Security. The property is equipped with a state-of-the-art video monitoring surveillance system, door alarm (for each unit) that is integrated with the facility’s security system, electronic gate, and keypad entry. 
  • Wide drive aisles
  • Free internet
  • Free electrical connections
  • AC and heating ready
  • Insulated unit
  • Reinforced concrete

At Hobby Condos, our consultants can give you ideas and recommendations on how to customize your unit based on your needs and requirements. To know more about us, visit our website at

Get in touch with our team and let’s talk about putting together a Hobby Condo just for you.

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